I’ve discovered the cure for homework and it’s these four albums

I have homework daily. It stinks. Normally I go up to my room, cover myself in blankets, and prepare for my math by watching an episode of Parks and Recreation. Then I turn on my music; and guys, music is SO important for homework! Without it, I would just stare at my homework until my mom called me down for dinner. The kind of music you pick is also VERY important. If you’re easily distracted, don’t listen to other people’s playlists, because then you have to figure out who sang that awesome song, and then you have to look them up, and listen to a couple more of their songs, and then see if they’re playing in your city, and pretty soon it’ll be dark out and you’ll only be on problem #3 of your assignment. Albums are the best, and praise the glorious Youtube users who post the whole album online. (Seriously!) So, without further ado, my absolute favorite study albums, in no particular order.

Devendra Banhart – Mala

I found this album a little while ago while looking for collaging music. It’s so peaceful, y’all! I don’t speak Spanish, but he goes in and out between the languages and it’s lovely. His style could even be called trippy-folk. It makes me want to put on a flowy dress and wander through forests, equipped with only a guitar. The song “Your Fine Petting Duck” is so CUTE; it starts out with Devendra and a childish group of girls singing, and then transitions into this trippy beat, and suddenly they’re singing in Spanish, and before you know it, you’re finished with everything you need to do!

Alt-J – This is All Yours

Alt-J is the bomb dot com. He makes the chillest music for anything and everything. This album is a work of art, with intricate melodies and interesting instrumental tracks, layered to perfection. If I were a magical fairy, princess, or mermaid, this would be my background music at all times. It’s just so BEAUTIFUL, YOU GUYS! So beautiful.

Solange – True

Everyone’s heard of Beyoncé, but how about her sister, Solange? It’s like a throwback to an era I wasn’t alive for, but wow! There is not one song I hate on here. Believe it or not, when you’re not too busy dancing, this album’s pretty good for studying. I’ve listened to it twice while collaging one night. I’m always sad when it ends, but I know that I can always restart it.

Youth Lagoon – Year of Hibernation

This album is so great—SO GREAT—for studying. It’s so relaxing! Trevor Powers needs to serenade me to sleep. It’s the music version of a Sunday, when the sun is shining through the blinds, and you’re lying on the carpet with your eyes closed, knowing you have school the next day, but trying to forget about it. The songs start out quiet, and build up to awesome bridges, and then the next song is playing, and you’re rubbing your eyes.

These albums aren’t even just for homework, because I’m pretty sure I’m one of the only HelloGiggles readers who is still in school (and doesn’t have a Facebook, so I can never comment!). That’s OK, because you can listen to these when you’re reading, drawing, taking peaceful walks, ANYTHING! Solange is awesome for when you’re home alone and you want to have a dance/karaoke party. Alt-J, Devendra Banhart, and Youth Lagoon are a lot more relaxing, for sure, but you never know what you’re in the mood for. Enjoy!

Sarah Egan is in 8th grade in the Midwest, and she likes watching Parks and Recreation, doodling, and collaging. When she’s not sitting at home, you can find her at the pool or laughing with my friends. 

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