Homer Simpson was inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame

Baseball will forever be one of the best things about the summer season. And it just got even more important for one of our favorite TV stars, too. Legendary Homer Simpson was just inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame, celebrating the show’s 25th anniversary of the “Homer at Bat” episode.

The Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, added the character to its other major players on Saturday, May 27 in a fun-filled celebration that included the costumed star on hand to accept the award.

Homer Simpson wasn’t alone in receiving the award.

The Simpsons director Jim Reardon, executive producer Mike Reiss, executive story editor Jeff Martin, and casting director Bonnie Pietila, the character was awarded the high distinction along with a plaque that was so fitting to the character.

“Inept safety inspector turned citywide softball hero. Right fielder led Springfield nuclear plant to city championship game, then sacrificed his body to win it all," the plaque image reads, according to an image shared by the Hall of Fame on Instagram.

And anyone who remembers the classic episode knows that’s the perfect way to describe Homer and his foray into the game.

In a prepared speech, Homer carried his trademark humor. He accepted the award saying, “My record for eating hot dogs will never be broken. I’ve been a fan for 40 years, which is how long some games take. And I can’t wait for the ceremony in Canton, Ohio.”

It sounds like he knocked his speech out of the park.

“It’s one of a long list of things with The Simpsons I never dreamed would happen,” said executive producer of The Simpsons Al Jean according to EW. “At the time, I was even shocked that we were able to get nine current major leaguers, including three that are now in the Hall of Fame, and maybe more to come. Everything with The Simpsons has just been so beyond my wildest dreams, and this is a great example of it.”

The episode, which aired way back in Season 3, is one that brings fond memories for many of us as a stand-out episode. And it’s fun to see the Hall of Fame acknowledge Simpson and his own love of baseball.