Homer and Marge speak out about those pesky divorce rumors

When the news broke that Springfield couple of our hearts—Marge and Homer Simpson—were splitting up, it’s safe to say we were pretty devastated.

While Simpsons executive producer Al Jean originally stated that the long-time marrieds would be legally separating after Homer falls for his local pharmacist (voiced by Lena Dunham), it looks like that won’t be the case.

In a statement entitled “Homer and Marge, Together Forever,” Homer and Marge decided to get ahead of the “baseless rumors” and address them head-on (with a cameo from Baby Maggie).


This isn’t the first time the two have separated on the show — like any marriage, Homer and Marge have had their ups and downs. But what’s been most encouraging about their love for one another is that it has always prevailed, even through the hardest times — and as of right now, it looks like they’re still both in it for the long haul.

In the midst of other big changes on The Simpsons (like the departure of veteran Harry Shearer, who lent his voice acting talents to such beloved characters as Mr. Burns and Ned Flanders), it’s nice to see that Homer and Marge are still going strong. We’re still rooting for these two after all this time!

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