This homemade “Wonder Woman” shield actually works

You can find out how to do just about anything on YouTube. From learning how to apply the latest makeup trend, to perfecting that Sangria recipe for an upcoming shinding, the social platform comes handy in many ways. Most recently, we learned how to create our very own functional Wonder Woman shield. And we couldn’t be happier about it. Sure, it involves some serious wielding and craftsman skills, and a heavy piece of steel. But, that’s something we can totally grab off Amazon, right?

OK, so maybe not. But, it was sure cool to watch the handy men of Man at Arms: Reforged’sYouTube channel expertly craft the functional piece of art. The gentlemen dedicate their channel to recreating the weapons from their favorite fictional characters. And are pretty awesome at it.

Over the channel’s duration, the men have pieced together some badass weaponry. We’re talking the sharpest, most dangerous works that look like they can cause some serious harm if one missteps. So, you can bet that they pulled out all the stops with this bad boy.

Check out exactly how these brilliant minds created this Wonder Woman shield below!

As it turns out, the epic recreation isn’t as strong as the real Wonder Woman weapon. Like, it can’t ward off the powers of Doomsday creators, or anything. But, it is tough enough to break arrows and destructive pieces of fruit coming in its path. And at the end of the day, that’s really all that matters anyway.

Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2. And now that we have a handle on how to recreate her most epic armor, we may just roll up to the premiere with one in hand. A much lighter, and less functional version, we’re sure. But at least we know that there’s a real life version living amongst us somewhere.

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