A man built a homemade Iron Man suit that can withstand fireworks (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME)

Colin Furze, a tinkerer, DIY expert, self-taught engineer, and adrenaline junkie has just completed a feat that would make Katy Perry proud: He’s become a firework.


Or at least created a suit (like Iron Man!!)  that can allow him to survive being in the middle of a real fireworks display without getting hurt (even if he can’t dance as playfully as the video with megastar).


Let’s be clear about one thing before we go any further: This is most definitely NOT something you should try at home. Though Furze has no formal training in engineering, he clearly has a knack for design and has taught himself enough to be able to create a safe contraption like this one (and many others).

Often inspired by superheroes, he is willing (and able) to create really unique contraptions that remind us of what have only so far been show in the movies. This latest video is just one of the extremely creative designs Furze has created, along with a homemade hoverbike and DIY retractable Wolverine claws.

But no matter what the (often dangerous) creation is, he shows every step of his process on his YouTube channel. And his firework-sustaining suit is definitely one of the most impressive and dangerous addition to his collection. He does say in the video, “To clarify, this is not my attempt at an Iron Man suit.” Even though, you know, it’s a basically a giant suit of iron-like armor that can sustain a great amount of external stress. No word on whether it comes with any built-in quipping abilities.


But I guess since it doesn’t fly and there’s no Jarvis, it’s probably no Iron Man suit after all.

Though it is pretty awesome to see it built and exciting (if terrifying) to see it in action. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=