This girl won the homecoming queen crown and then played in the football game, achievement unlocked.

When it comes to high school homecoming dreams realized, there’s a few ways to have a Cinderella story. You can of course be voted king or queen and wear that crown with pride. Or you can make a great play in the actual football game and have the entire team carry you off the field like you’re in the last fifteen seconds of a Disney Channel Original movie.

But what if you got to be a homecoming queen AND a football star? What if you were the total homecoming dream all in one person?

Then you would be Jodie Farnetti, a senior varsity cheerleader from West Blocton High School in Alabama, who also happens to be the daughter of her high school’s head football coach, Greg Farnetti. True, Jodie is a cheerleader, but she also carries a torch for kicking field goals.

“Everyday I had to stay for football practice and I just kicked and I just kicked because I loved it,” Jodie told WIAT News 42. “It was awesome to do something different.”

Throughout her high school career, Jodie always found time to get her field goal on. “The boys would practice and I would have to wait on dad to get done so I would just go down there and I’d kick and I’d kick,” she explained “It’s kinda been a little inside joke that one day she may kick for the West Blocton Tigers,” her father told WIAT. And once it was announced that Jodie would be her high school’s homecoming queen, and, her father decided to help make his daughter’s big win extra special by letting her kick a field goal in his final home game as coach, before he retires at the end of the season. Father/coach escorted his daughter/homecoming queen onto the field, but she was dressed for the big game, not her coronation. “I had to walk out there in my pads and everything which made it special,” Jodie explained.

And here’s the kicker (pun ABSOLUTELY intended), the team won the game, and Jodie was 100% a part of that win.

“Now [my dad] can say that, my daughter kicked in a game that we won in. Its just very special.”

Jodie, you are a homecoming dream.


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