The best ideas for homebody plans this Halloween

It’s officially Halloween: The day when millions all over the world dress up in crazy costumes and hit the town. There’s trick-or-treating to do, haunted houses to brave, parties to make appearances at. But if you’re not really into going out, that’s totally cool! You shouldn’t miss out on the Halloween fun.

If you don’t feel like doing the whole party thing, but still want to celebrate this *~*spooky*~* day of merriment, there are plenty of rad things you can do right in the comfort of your own home. (Spoiler alert: A lot of these involve candy in some way, because c’mon, it’s Halloween.)

Get in costume at home

You 100% do NOT need to go out to wear a costume. You can rock your badass costume no matter what, so prance around your living room wearing your Leslie Knope get-up, because let’s be honest here, you look awesome in it.

Have a horror movie night. . .

Want to be super scared tonight? Turn off all the lights and hunker down with a friend / partner (you’ll want to hug them due to complete and utter fear), comfy blankets, and a bowl of candy. Turn on Netflix and pick a flick that you’ve been meaning to check out, but never got around to watching (*cough* was too afraid to watch *cough*).

Need inspiration? Check out this list of the most popular horror movies.

. . . or just a Halloween movie night

OK, maybe you’re not so into scary movies, but still want those Halloween feels. Why not Nightmare Before Christmas or Halloweentown?

Have your own Halloween party!

This year, I’m just having a couple friends over so we can all be in costume together and have a few drinks in each other’s company. What more do you really need? All the fun of Halloween without any of the stress!

Read scary stories online

Why not have a horror reading? Take turns reading terrifying stories on Creepy Pasta to scare the hell out of each other, then eat candy for comfort.

Carve pumpkins

There is seriously nothing that will get you more in the Halloween spirit than carving a pumpkin. You can go with the classic grinning jack-o-lantern, or you can find seriously cool patterns online and get ultra artsy. You can even put a candle in it and give it a festive glow. Or you could do this:

Just make sure to save the seeds so you can use them to. . .


If you’re feeling something salty, you can bake pumpkin seeds for super Halloweeny snack. Or you could bake cupcakes, and you could make them extra festive with orange and black icing. (Or you could make them bloody with red icing. . . whatever floats your boat.)

Play your scariest video games

Maybe you want to get in on the scariness on a deeper level. Pull out Resident Evil or Silent Hill 2 and get to playing! If you don’t own any video games, there are some free ones here you can check out. (Or you could play Google’s “Candy Cup” game — it’s not exactly scary, but it’s fun!)

Watch a super over-the-top ghost hunting show. 

There’s nothing like watching Zak Bagans totally overreact when he hears a simple floorboard creak.

Fancy up your nails Halloween style

Pull out those nail pens and get ready to paint some Frankensteins, man!

Partake in some wine (with the right candy)

Did you know certain candies go awesomely with certain wines? The experts at Vivino have created the most awesome Halloween wine guide ever. Pop open a bottle of Merlot, but make sure to pair it with some M&Ms or some Snickers!

Happy Halloween, homebodies!


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