The 13 funniest tweets about going home for the holidays, because it can be both fun AND super stressful

There’s just something about returning home (after months or even years away) to celebrate the holidays that makes it rife for comedy. Seriously, just think of how many ’90s movies you can name offhand with that exact plot. Some of the funniest tweets about going home for the holidays manage to capture what’s so hilarious about the anticipated (or dreaded) annual pilgrimage.

Maybe you’re thrilled to be heading back home because you want to see your family. Maybe you’re more excited to regress a little bit back into kid mode and allow your parents to wait on you hand and foot. Or maybe you can’t make it back this year – and you’re totally cool with it that way. However you slice it, at least one of these tweets will be *super* relatable on the eve of this holiday season.

1Because there’s nothing like mom-praise, even when you’re feeling less-than-awesome about yourself.

Maybe you’re just having one of those “trashcan in the spotlight” kinda days – in which case, check out these essential holiday self-care tips.

2Because it’s a little bittersweet when you and all your best friends wind up scattered around the world for the holidays.

3Because sometimes your parents have a FAR better liquor collection than you do.


We can go back to the old “Two-Buck Chuck” when we leave, but during the holidays at family’s houses, we drink like ROYALTY.

4Because, occasionally, the overenthusiastic questions from relatives you haven’t seen in months (or years!) can get a little rough…


“Take a breath and have some more pie, Aunt Myrtle, and maybe cool it with the third degree.”

5… or even verge on invasive and insensitive…


Even if they’re doing it out of love, sometimes you’re just 100% not interested in Uncle Dave’s take on your career choices.

6… or turn into totally not-subtle-at-all hints about your future.

7Because you might have forgotten that your family still considers you their little kid and not, y’know, a full blown, legal-drinking-age adult…


8… who can drink like a champ if the need arises.

9Because your fam might be happy to see you for more reasons than one.

10Because admit it: Sometimes you try kinda hard to impress the folks back home.

11Because a sandwich Mom makes just tastes so much better than a sandwich you make yourself.

Same goes for a load of laundry – so much cleaner when someone who’s not you does it!

12Because maybe you can’t (or don’t want to) make it home this year for some reason, a la a certain Boy Who Lived…

If Harry can make it through, we definitely can, too.

13… and you have better plans than going home in mind anyway.

If you’re in a “me, myself, and I” kinda mindset, some quality alone time is basically the best thing ever.

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