This Home Decorating Invention Could Change Your Life

While I’m still waiting on my flying car and my vacation home on Mars, it does seem that we live in the future.  My phone can do everything from order me dinner to find me a date, packages will start arriving by drone soon, and cars are starting to drive themselves.  The latest development in technology you didn’t know you needed?  Robotic furniture that can move around and morph into different items.  It’s called Roombots, and it’s being designed by scientists as an assistive technology for people who might need help getting around their home, but I can’t help but think of ways this could make everyone’s lives better:

No more assembling furniture. Instead of trying to decipher cryptic instructions or getting something mostly assembled only to find out you’re missing a screw, you could just open the box and your Roombots will just turn themselves into a table or a chair or whatever it is you’ve picked out.

You’ll need less furniture.  To those of us on limited budgets or living in tiny apartments, furniture is kind of obnoxious – you need it, but it takes up all your space and it can get pricey.  If your bed could turn into a couch and your table can make itself into a desk or a footstool depending on your needs, you won’t need nearly as many different furniture items.

Your laziness will be enabled.  You know those times when you really should go get that item you’ve left lying on a table across the room, but you’re really invested in binge-watching something and too lazy to get off the couch? Now you don’t have to.  That table can come to you.

You’ll never unintentionally oversleep again.  Let’s face it, alarm clocks can be turned off.  Even those ones you have to chase across the room don’t prevent you from crawling back under the covers once you’ve caught them.  But what if you woke up and your bed automatically turned itself into a really uncomfortable chair until it was bedtime?  You might just be forced to become a morning person.

Redecorating is going to be so much easier.  You know how sometimes you’re like “let’s see what the couch looks like on the other wall” and by the time you’ve gotten it over there you realize you hate it, but you’re so exhausted you don’t actually move it back?  You won’t need to exert any of that effort anymore, and you can rearrange your furniture anytime you like with practically no trouble at all.

It may be awhile before robotic furniture is available to the masses (or anybody), but I for one am looking forward to it.

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