Home decor guru Farah Merhi gives us all the deets on how to slay at spring cleaning

If your humble abode is in dire need of a refresh, but you’re like, where the hells do I even begin? — we totally understand. It can be hard to keep our desks in tip-top shape, let alone an entire living space! That’s why we sent out an SOS to home decor guru Farah Merhi.

Farah is the self-taught interior design specialist behind the successful website Inspire Me! Home Decor. Her site is chock-full of tips for your home, whether you’re in the market for a clever DIY or just some really good cleaning advice.

In the first half of our two-part feature with Farah, the interior decor queen gives us tips on how to keep our homes squeaky clean and how to figure out what to purge from our closets.


Read her tips below!

What are some areas in our house that need a “deep clean” that we might not realize/neglect?

Most homeowners are inspired to spring clean their homes once the weather gets warmer or as we transition into summer. One common mistake is not preparing a to-do list. This list will make your life easier and help you keep track of all the important areas that need to be cleaned that we can easily neglect. We tend to hit the areas/spots that are considered high-traffic areas and overlook cleaning spots in our homes we don’t typically use much or are just not in our line of sight. Yes, we tackle re-organizing drawers, cabinets and closets. We dust over and under furniture, but what we do tend to forget is to add fireplaces, vents, air filters/purifiers, and our rugs and carpets. Even going as far as cleaning your fabric on your furniture is a good idea.

How do you keep an apartment clean when you live at a busy intersection and dust/dirt is constantly blowing into your house?

City and apartment living has its perks but also its downfalls. Like dealing with constant dust and dirt blowing in from busy streets. The best way to keep an apartment clean and dust-free is to develop a regular cleaning schedule. Using tools like Swiffer Duster and handheld vacuums, clean surface areas every other day. Store them close by so you can reach for them any moment you feel like dust has accumulated in a certain area in your apartment. Once a week or once every other week, plan on a deep clean to get rid of dust and dirt from areas like under a rug, behind your appliances and under your furniture. Consistency and a set schedule are key!

How you do figure out when you get rid of things you haven’t worn or used in some time? Is there a general time limit?

I usually say the rule of thumbs is, if you have not used something you bought in a year, then chances are you probably won’t be using them or wearing them. Get rid of them to avoid clutter by selling them or giving them away to a friend or family member you feel would need them. Check out donation drop-offs in your area as well if you choose to donate items.


What advice would you give to someone who has trouble getting rid of things for nostalgic reasons?

I was one of those people, and just recently decided it was time to let go. Sentimental attachment to things is not easy to let go of, it’s not something you get over overnight. I speak from experience. I had to take a hard look and see why I was getting so attached to these items. I came to the realization that nostalgia was the culprit! So to simplify my life and to help de-clutter, I set a rule in my home. I get to keep up to 5 things that remind me of certain times in my life or certain people. I box them away in a safe place to avoid clutter. Another way to de-clutter your home of items with sentimental attachment is to take photos of them and organize an album for you to look at whenever you want!


What’s a good rule of thumb for deciding which clothes to donate?

The rule of thumb for donating clothes is to give away pieces that no longer fit you, clothing you have not worn in a year. When you are going through your clothes and wonder why you thought that particular piece was purchase-worthy at the time, then you know it’s time to donate. Clothes you have worn once or a few times and don’t see yourself wearing again are clothes you need to donate as well.


Read more tips from Farah on her website, Inspire Me! Home Decor, and follow her Instagram here.