This is the most chilling ‘Home Alone’ theory you will ever read

Home Alone is officially 25 years old, which means it’s now finally old enough to rent a car in its name and drive home for Christmas. Obviously this quarter-century anniversary also means we’ve been talking a lot about said movie, from why we love it, to fan theories about the fact that Peter McCallister was the mastermind behind the whole Kevin’s-home-alone thing. Well, now there’s another theory out there, and it’s even more twisted than the others. It suggests that the devil himself played a part in the movie.

Yes, the devil, devil. A recently posted Reddit theory from drewgarr suggests that, “Kate McCallister actually sold her soul to get home to Chicago.”

That’s some pretty heavy stuff, but drewgarr has evidence to support it. When Kate finds herself in the Scranton Airport, she tries to bargain with the ticket agent to get out on the next flight, any flight. It doesn’t work. Kate then comments, that she’s getting home even “If I have to sell my soul to the devil himself.” In the background of this scene, John Candy’s Gus suddenly appears, and perks up at the word, “devil.”

This doesn’t necessarily make Gus the devil, but drewgarr has some more evidence. The Scranton Airport is situated on a giant crossroads, which according to legend was a place you could “give an offering to the devil (in this case [Kate’s] soul) near a cross roads, the devil will show up and deliver it in exchange for the offering.” Kate’s already there, making the offering, and then Gus appears. Coincidence?

Gus also has with him a wooden instrument, and as drewgarr points out, in many Biblical references, wooden instruments are favorites of the devil.

So is Gus the devil? Is Kate now in debt to him for the rest of her life? Maybe. Check out the whole Home Alone theory here, and decide for yourself if this the darkest fan theory we’ve come across yet. It might very well be.

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