“Home Alone” and “Friends” are connected in a really unexpected way

Christmas might *just* be over for another year, but there’s still time to re-watch Home Alone one more time before the festive period truly ends.

However, did you realize that Home Alone and popular ’90s sitcom Friends actually have a really unexpected connection? Well according to this new fan theory (and some pretty solid evidence tbh), we’ve just realized that two of our favorite things could actually be linked.

While Jennifer Aniston might have put fresh rumors of a Friends reunion to bed, we’re still holding out hope that Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Ross, and Rachel could make a comeback one day (c’mon this SO needs to happen, right!?).

Well, now a video has emerged that explains how there’s actually a connection between Friends and Home Alone and our minds are BLOWN.

According to production company 22 Vision, the house that Monica and Chandler moved into in Westchester at the end of the show’s run shares the exact same view of the house across the road that Kevin McCallister’s home does in Home Alone.

In a video explainer, 22 Vision revealed that they had actually approached the people who lived in the real house in Winnetka, Illinois to ask whether the views were the same and they confirmed that they were!


Well, according to 22 Vision, Friends used a stock image from the filming of Home Alone in that particular shot (despite that episode of the sitcom being set 14 years later than Kevin’s antics at home).

So…did Chandler and Monica actually by the McCalister house!?

Well, this seems a *little* unlikely. In Friends, Monica and Chandler move with their new twin babies to the suburbs of New York (Westchester, NY, to be precise). However, Home Alone is set outside Chicago, which isn’t that close to New York at all.

So, it seems that our dreams of a Friends and Home Alone crossover might not be a reality (darn). However, we totally love these sort of mini-easter eggs in TV and movies, and we can always imagine that Monica and Chandler accidentally left one of their children at home over the holidays and many hijinks ensued.

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