We now know *just* how dangerous the booby traps are in “Home Alone”

Home Alone is a beloved classic holiday movie. It’s also surprisingly dark and violent, when you get right down to it. Now, we know just how devastating the effects of the Home Alone booby traps would be. Don’t get us wrong; we adore this movie. But, in some ways, the video of what Home Alone would look like as a horror film isn’t that far off.

Jake Roper from Vsauce investigated the hot door handle trap, and the paint can trap. He also looked into the crowbar-to-the-chest Harry receives from Marv. The results are, potentially, more intense than we thought possible.

1The door handle.

Basically, Roper found that a door handle could get super hot, if given a loooong amount of time. However, to get it so hot that the handle on the outside of the door glowed would potentially be hot enough to burn the door down from the inside out. If you did touch the hot handle, you’d get third degree burns on your hand. Ouch. Regardless, this one is potentially more dangerous to Kevin/the house than to anyone else.

2The paint can to the face.

This one is pretty devastating. We won’t go into all the gory details, but there’s a pretty good chance neither of the would-be burglars would be able to keep robbing people after that.

3The crowbar to the chest.

This one isn’t one of Kevin’s traps. Roper just added it in as a fun bonus. Well, fun might be a poor choice of words — this would probably break all of a person’s ribs and puncture their lungs/ heart. So, even if they survived the paint can to the face, they probably wouldn’t be okay after that.


We always knew the traps in Home Alone were a little excessive, but we had no idea they were *that* devastating. TBH, it really is a horror movie — at least for Harry and Marv. Luckily, we like horror movies. This season you might just find us sipping cocoa, watching the movie, and working on our coloring book — it sounds like a perfect holiday to us.