This 90s childhood favorite is coming back to theaters for its 25th anniversary

90s nostalgia is no joke. From the reboot of Full House to Nickelodeon bringing back our beloved childhood cartoons it’s clear that the people want the 90s. And what the people want, the people must have (well, at least as far as pop culture is concerned).

Which is probably why the movie gods decreed that one of our fave Christmas movies of our youth should return to theaters this winter for its 25th anniversary.

Yes, that’s right, the 90s classic Home Alone is coming back to the big screen!  For those of you who need a memory-refresher (Or GASP- have never seen), Home Alone is the story of Kevin McAllister (Macauley Culkin), an 8-year old who tends to be ignored by the big personalities of his family- so much so that he is accidentally left behind when the family flies to Paris for Christmas. When his home is attacked by two dum-dum burglars, it’s Kevin who must defend the homestead via ALL the pranks.

Fun fact, Home Alone was the top grossing film of 1990, pulling in a whopping $285.8 million. It was the highest-grossing live-action comedy film in U.S history until The Hangover: Part II came along and knocked the Kevin off his comedy throne. The film was also nominated for 2 Oscars (Best Original Score and Best Original Song).

As USA Today reports, the film is returning to theaters for 2 nights only, November 8th and 11th. You can check locations and times.

As Kevin McAllister would say, “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!”


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