Holy genius invention: This scarf lets you nap anywhere

Even for the well-seasoned traveler, catching a peaceful snooze on a flight can prove to be difficult and VERY uncomfortable. Subjecting your poor innocent neck to a crappy airline pillow can be a form of personal cruelty. Sure, there are those u-shaped travel pillows, but be honest, have you ever found one that was truly comfortable? Thankfully, there’s now something called…THE NAPSCARF.

Some saints out there in the UK recognized the need for a comfortable travel sleeping aid and made the NapScarf. All you have to do is wrap it around your neck like a scarf and it supports your weary head even while you’re seated in an upright position. It’s extremely adaptable and can be worn on either side of the neck or under the chin. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to prevent drooling.

NapScarf, about $30 USD

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