This holographic hair trend is what it would look like if fairies went to the beauty salon

We are huge and steady fans of bright and vibrant hair color trends. Whether it’s glow-in-the-dark locks or the visually transcendent holographic hair trend, we are fully on board for more radical forms of self-expression. So, when we spotted some of the most intense and prettiest holographic hair trending on Instagram, we had to get a closer look at what went into them.

The very talented hair and color stylist from Ross Michaels Salon mixed the restorative blonde shades of Olaplex with the Pravana shades: Violet (in Express Tones), and the Pastels Luscious Lavender and Blissful Blue to create this nearly opaque (yet vibrant) holographic look.

We are feeling a confusing mixture of jealousy, awe, hair inspiration, and maybe a bit hypnotized?!

In the land of Instagram hair, the ultra-light pastel holographic hair is currently in charge.

We can certainly understand why.

This is the hair children dream of when they imagine the tooth fairy.

The before and after shots reveal just how metallic these holographic color jobs can get.

Some of these colors feel plucked straight out of an anime.

We mean this in the best way possible.

While others are so light their lavender shades look nearly translucent.

The nearly undetectable color makes it even more of a trip.

This hair trend looks like a purified rainbow puddle.

Again, this is a compliment.

Now our eyes are caught in a rabbit hole of holographic hair candy.