“They changed the Hollywood sign again” is the first best meme of 2017

When we all woke up to face the day in the new year, never did we expect to find that the iconic Hollywood sign would be altered to read “Hollyweed.” However, thanks to one artist, we were blessed with a catalyst for one of the first good memes of 2017.

According to BuzzFeed, artists Zach Fernandez and Sara Fern are claiming responsibility for the prank. Fernandez said that after seeing an image of Daniel Finegood’s “Hollyweed” installation from 1971, he decided to start planning out his own version of the “Hollyweed” sign. In fact, one of the sheets over the Os allegedly read, “A tribute to Mr. Finegood.”

For a quick primer on Finegood’s piece, he was an art student whose project coincided with the state of California’s relaxed marijuana laws going into effect. Though Finegood passed in 2007, he used the Hollywood sign for art and protest throughout his life.

Considering the roots of “Hollyweed” as an jumping point for discussion, it only makes sense that the internet would turn it into a fantastically absurd meme, right?


After all, new year, new meme.

With versions of the meme ranging from lyrics to Smash Mouth’s “All-Star” to relationship status declarations, this meme has pretty much been run into the ground just 5 days into the new year. false false

However, such is life when it comes to the way the internet creates memes. We still get a chuckle out of a few of these, at least. If this is how 2017 kicks off, we’re ready to see what else this year throws at us!