These are the 5 movies you should for sure watch with your significant other this season

We CANNOT POSSIBLY be alone in our excitement that all of the streaming services will be uploading their holiday content, that Lifetime will be wall-to-wall Christmas movies, and that Freeform is about to become festive AF. One of the best things about this time of year (or the worst) is how hard everybody gets into the holiday season. Hand us a sweater, some cocoa, and plop us in front of literally ANY cheesy holiday movie and we are so good to go it’s ridiculous. However, if you’re in a relationship, a love for corny holiday fare might be a challenge if your S.O. isn’t on the same page. Not to stereotype, but especially if you’re dating a dude, compromising over a holiday rom-com can be a challenge.

But fear not — we’re HERE FOR YOU. Below are our top five suggestions for movies both you and your special someone will either (a) actually like (b) actually like but refuse to admit it or (c) get some kind of redemptive cultural value from an experience they might not necessarily enjoy.

1. Christmas Bounty

This is literally the best Christmas movie you’ve never heard of, and if you have a reluctant guy you’re trying to coax onto your cozy couch for cocoa, this is a no-brainer because it’s a co-production between — wait for it — Freeform and the WWE. THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. It’s also one of those movies you’ll start watching as a joke, and then twenty minutes in you’re going to be super invested. It’s seriously the best ever.

2. White Christmas

A total classic — even if your S.O. isn’t sold on Christmassy rom-coms, you can at least entice them with the fact that they’ll be watching the OG Christmassy rom-com. It’s a CULTURAL experience, like a museum.

3. Serendipity

Not QUITE a classic, but who can say no to John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale falling in love in snowy beautiful New York? Only a horrible, heartless Grinch, that’s who. (AKA exactly what you tell your S.O. if they resist.)

4. While You Were Sleeping

Might seem like an odd suggestion, but this movie covers two important bases: On one hand, it’s a sweet holiday rom-com. On the other hand, it’s filled with hands down the CREEPIEST behavior on the part of everybody involved if you think about it for more than a second, so if you fail on the rom front, you can totally lean into the com front and have a grand old time.

5. Love Actually

Because what Christmas movie list is complete without it?

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