8 holiday movie drinking games to make your marathon turnt when you’re home for winter

If the holidays make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, that’s great. If they don’t, or if your family is weird, or if you don’t have a family, or if your mom likes to grill you on why you’re never dating anyone — the holidays can be rough. Lubricate the awkward social interactions of the winter holidays with one of these holiday movie drinking games! Do a shot of peppermint Schnapps while playing the Hallmark Christmas movie drinking game, bonus points if the movie stars Lacey Chabert. Take a drink each time Ralphie doesn’t have his glasses on in A Christmas Story. Sip your spiked apple cider if Buddy eats something he’s not supposed to in Elf. Take a healthy swig of your dessert wine if anyone wears a turtleneck sweater in Love Actually. Take a sip whenever Sven eats a carrot in Frozen. Sip your boozy hot cocoa if anyone says “pizza” during Home Alone. Take two drinks if Scott asks if he’ll “fall off the roof?” in The Santa Clause.

Here are 8 holiday movie drinking games to play this winter that will guarantee optimal quality time with your loved ones, because drunk bonding is the best bonding.

1A Christmas Story

2Home Alone

3National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

4The Santa Clause


6Love Actually


8Hallmark Holiday movies

Do you have any we missed? How about a Diehard drinking game? Take a sip everytime ’80s technology blows your mind? What about The Nightmare Before Christmas? Take a shot whenever someone mispronounces Santa as ~Sandy Claus~. Happy drinking holidays!