11 holiday mocktails that will give you a sugar high that booze can’t compete with

This time of year, we have almost TOO MANY great things to look forward to — the holidays are basically the best time of the year, no matter what you celebrate. Fairy lights everywhere, holiday decorations in every other window, the best sales of the year, an excess of good food, and hopefully some time off to appreciate the season with family and friends. The holidays also often mean a lot of holiday parties which, while fun, can often mean having a few drinks…and we don’t know about you, but sometimes we just need a little time apart from our BFF wine, y’know?

So whether you’re laying off the booze for health reasons or personal reasons or just because you don’t like the taste, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. You don’t have to miss out on ~exciting holiday cocktails~ just because you’re not drinking. There’s a wide, little known world of mocktails that can fill the wine bottle-shaped void in your life so well you might never go back.

1Sparkling Cranberry Pomegranate drink

2Kid-Friendly Rudolph Punch

3Sugar Plum Punch

4Sparkling Festive Cider

5Non-Alcoholic Mistletoe Mischief

6Olaf’s Warm Hug

7Mulled Apple Juice

8Sober Festive Sangria

9Mulled ‘Wine’

10Mock Champagne for your New Year’s toast[/subheader]

Grinch Punch

So go forth and make merry with no fear of hangovers (basically THE DREAM.)

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