11 Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Clean Freak

These products will satisfy their deep desire to make their homes sparkle.

Some people light up when they receive one of the buzziest new book launches of the year, others get giddy over luxurious skincare products, and many swoon at fashion-forward clothes and accessories. But if you’re shopping for someone who’s a self-proclaimed clean freak, few things will get them going more quickly than a product that satisfies their deep desire to make a space sparkle. 

We all know at least one or two of those cleaning-obsessed folks on our shopping list, and they deserve that giddy feeling the same as everyone else when they pluck a gift from under the tree and unwrap. Lucky for you, we scoured the ‘net (pun intended) to find the best of the best cleaning gifts out there. 

From robot vacuums that empty themselves to air purifiers that give your home that “ahh, fresh!” feeling to a laundry gift basket that’ll delight, we rounded up the best gifts for clean freaks who truly thrive in a spotless home.

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Uproot Cleaner Pro Lint Remover

With thousands of rave reviews and counting, this viral cleaning tool has elicited gratifying “oohs” and “ahhs” all across #cleantok and Insta. You can buy a pack of one or two.

Price: $39.99 at Uproot Clean

Blueland Toilet Cleaner Party Gift

Blueland Toilet Cleaner Party Gift

For any other person on your gift list, receiving toilet bowl cleaner might feel worse than even a lump of coal. But for your favorite clean freak? You might just win “best gift giver” of the year. This gift set features Blueland’s best-selling toilet cleaner, only it’s been thoughtfully repackaged into the perfect host gift. It even includes a holiday card.

Price: $24 at Blueland 

Baylis & Harding Hand Wash Soap Oud Cedar and Amber

Baylis & Harding Hand Soap
Baylis & Harding

This might just be the best stocking stuffer for clean freaks out there, and it’s so good that you’ll probably end up picking up a bottle or two for yourself.

Baylis & Harding’s Cedar and Amber hand soap is intensely scented and smells like an absolute dream. Others are saying it even gives pricy luxury brands, like Aesop, a real run for their money. 

Price: $5.99 at Target 

Dreametech D10 Plus Robot Vacuum & Mop with Self-Emptying Base

Dreametech D10 Plus Robot Vacuum & Mop

Roomba walked so the self-emptying Dreametech Robot Vacuum could run. Or should we say, clean the house like a total champ without requiring anyone to lift a single finger. This auto-emptying robot vacuum is equipped with intelligent LIDAR Navigation sensors to ensure the place is spotless and then goes back to its base to empty out.

There’s also a mop feature, and it’s wifi-enabled and compatible with Alexa. This one’s definitely a splurge, making it a great option for a collaborative gift you and a few others can go in on. 

Price: $419.99 at Amazon 

Tineco S10 Cordless Smart Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Tineco S10 Cordless Smart Stick Vacuum Cleaner

As an alternative to the above, consider this smart vacuum from Tineco, a brand that’s leading the way in cleaning tech. This cordless stick vacuum is approved for both hard floors and carpet, and the fact that there’s zero cord to contend with makes it a dream to use. Plus, it features the brand’s “iLoop Smart Sensor,” which helps detect messes and then adjusts the suction accordingly. The fact that it has a built-in flashlight is icing on the cleaning cake.

Price: $249 at Walmart

La Chatelaine Lavender Hand Cream Trio

La Chatelaine Lavender Hand Cream Trio
Le Chatelaine

Someone who cleans often runs the risk of dry or irritated hands. Solution: Gift them a set of luxurious hand lotions they can keep in convenient spots, like their office desk, purse, or car.

This set from Le Chatelaine features three divine scents–lavender, lychee bilberry, and lemon verbena—all housed in the prettiest floral packaging. 

Price: $28 at Le Chatelaine

Scrub Daddy Soap Daddy

Here’s another cleaning product that sent #cleantok into orbit. This one’s from Scrub Daddy, and it’s simple in concept but mind blowing in action. Once you fill the container with your preferred detergent, you can use it in one of two ways: squeeze dispensing or pressing at the top with your sponge. Brilliant.

Price: $12.99 at Scrub Daddy

Clorox Tabletop True HEPA Air Purifier

Clorox Tabletop True HEPA Air Purifier

Fresh air is arguably one of the best things you can give a person! Clorox makes it easy with its petite tabletop air purifier, which features a 360-degree filter that pulls in surrounding air and nixes 99.97% of particles (even the teeniest ones). As a bonus, it’s whisper quiet.

Price: $99 at Amazon

Bath & Body Works Midnight Snow 3-Wick Candle

Bath & Body Works Midnight Snow 3-Wick Candle
Bath & Body Works

A clean freak knows just how satisfying it is to light a candle in a clean house. The moment gets even better when the candle itself smells like a freshly cleaned space. Bath & Body Works holiday collection has officially arrived, and it’s ripe with scents that’ll fit that “just spent two hours cleaning and I’m ready to collapse” mood.

Midnight Snow smells like “cozying up in a soft, soothing throw to watch the snow fall.” Falling Flurries is another good one. It combines “frozen thyme, fresh eucalyptus, ripe pear and sandalwood.”

Price: $26.50 at Bath & Body Works

The Laundress Holiday Laundry Set

The Laundress Holiday gift set
Courtesy of The Laundress

Tackling laundry is a monumental chore, but you can help make the job easier for your giftee with this gorgeous set from The Laundress. The limited-edition collection features some of the brand’s best sellers, including its award-winning Signature Detergent for everyday laundry and Wool & Cashmere Shampoo for knits, Delicate Wash for silk and delicates, and Stain Solution. 

Price: $45 at The Laundress

Rubbermaid Scrubber Tool

Rubbermaid Scrubber Tool

They say some of the best gifts come in small packages. For your favorite clean freak this handy little scrubber tool from Rubbermaid might just be one of their favorite items they receive this season. It’s perfect for deep cleaning all those hard-to-reach, stubborn areas and makes the perfect stocking stuffer. 

Price: $19.99 at Target

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