9 holiday emojis that don’t exist, but totally should

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but how are we supposed to express ourselves when there are so few accurate, holiday emojis out there? According to the Emojipedia, there are 2,666 total emojis currently in existence. How many of these are holiday-themed? Not enough — that’s how many.

Let’s see. There’s a Christmas tree, a Santa Claus, a wrapped gift…too few to choose from, to be honest. Let’s change that.

To commemorate this winter season, I’ve designed nine new emojis that should seriously be considered for the next round of updates because — really now — who wouldn’t use a Krampus-turned-Trump visual every once in a while?

If that’s not really your style, no worries. There are plenty more to choose from, from a John Snowflake to a jolly little elf who can’t help but get a bit cray to a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer who is higher than he’s ever been before…seriously.

Feel free to save these and share them to your heart’s delight. You may be surprised by how flexible they can be in their use. I mean, a coal emoji? Your enemies totally deserve that one.

1John Snowflake


Winter is coming, and Game of Thrones character John Snow certainly knows this. Who would have thought that such a hottie would look so cool in the cold?

2Buff Santa


Santa needs some love too. When you need to express your heartfelt desires to someone (in a respectful way, of course), why not flex your emoji muscles with this muscular visual? Ho ho ho?

3Holiday Cat


Not everyone is happy in the wintertime. Even so, you still can’t help but feel forced to put on a smile. Anyone who has felt this way usually will use the upside-down smiling emoji, but that will no longer be the only option available. Finally, a simple image that lets people know, “Hey, I don’t like this holiday nonsense…but I’m still cute, so there’s that.”

4Rudolph Getting High as a Kite


Aww, yeah. You go, Rudolph. You get high. And then you fly up into the sky and get even higher.

5Sexy Dreidel


Hear us out. Winter is already a perfect time of the year for cuddling up with loved ones by the fire. But there just aren’t enough sexy games out there. That’s where Sexy Dreidel comes in. What side will it land on? Nobody knows, but everyone is certain that it will be something super…sexy.

6Upside Down Stranger Things Tree


Sure, this oh-so-perfect Netflix TV show is known for being more of a Halloween classic, but it’s honestly perfect for watching at any time of the year. As a reference to the Upside Down, this spooky Christmas tree will be perfect for when Grandpa is acting up again, and you just want to let the demogorgon loose in retaliation.



There is already an elf emoji, and there is already a beer clinking glasses emoji, but there’s nothing that binds them together in holy matrimony. Here you are for future consumption. You’re very welcome.



It doesn’t look like much at first. I mean, who really wants coal? Nobody. That’s why it’s perfect for using on your enemies. Thanks for the tax plan, guys! Here’s some coal, sent from us to you.

9Krampus Trump


Oh, no! The root of all holiday evil has combined with the root of all our problems. What a terrible combination! And yet…it somehow makes sense…