Let’s go holiday shopping in Beyoncé-land

It’s about that time when you’re on the hunt for something to wear to those Ugly Sweater Parties. Instead of borrowing your mom’s creepy Santa Claus vest this year, why not dazzle your friends by wearing a BEYONCÉ-THEMED HOLIDAY SWEATER!!!! Your eyes do not deceive, that rad sweater seen in the “7/11” video is available for us regular ol’ non-Beyoncé civilians to have and to hold for our very own, and for only $40! It’s a Christmas miracle! You can also get the “No Angel” tee from the video as well.

That’s not all, Queen Bey also teamed up with NCLA for a nail wrap collection, with four designs to choose from, so you can also have the magic of Mrs. Carter all over your claws.

Lastly, if you also need a white elephant gift, why not bring along this official 2014 Beyoncé calendar or this Flawless mug? There’s gonna be a lot of people fighting for them, so be prepared. You can always keep them for yourself, of course. . .

Shop Beyoncé, $15 – $65

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