It’s been 15 years since Holes came out — and Zero wants you to know his costume still fits

It’s been 15 years since Stanley Yelnats finally broke that long-running family curse and alongside new BFF Hector “Zero” Zeroni, exposed the corruption at Camp Green Lake — but if he needed to, Zero could do it all over again tomorrow.

Proving time is moving faster than a Yellow Spotted Lizard ready to attack, the movie Holes has officially been making you subconsciously sing “Dig It” for the past decade and a half. The 2003 movie, based on Louis Sachar’s award-winning book (which everybody and their mother read for school), starred Shia LaBeouf as the young, cursed Stanley, who was sent to Camp Green Lake to dig holes for eternity (okay, 18 months), after being falsely accused of stealing cleats.

But naturally, while digging the titular holes, Stanley accidentally stumbles into a mysterious legend — and the most tragic love story our young hearts had ever heard — leading to him exposing all the shady business happening at the camp.

But while it’s been a *bit* since Holes dug its way into theaters (and into our hearts), we still feel a lot of love for the film — and it seems the cast does too.

Khleo Thomas, who played Zero, celebrated the film’s fifteenth anniversary by taking to Twitter and proving his Camp Green Lake get-up *still* fits.


Stanley Yelnats IV could never.

Seeing Thomas channel his inner Zero, makes us think someone better get a few Disney execs on the phone and look into the possibility of a Holes 2. Okay, that would probably be a terrible idea, but we could do with an official reunion — complete with OG costumes, of course. But Louise Walker’s poisonous nail polish can stay at home, okay Sigourney Weaver?

In addition to LaBeouf, Thomas, and Weaver, the film also starred Jon Voight, Tim Blake Nelson, Henry Winkler, Eartha Kitt, Dulé Hill, and Patricia Arquette.

While Holes may no longer be running *weekly* on the Disney Channel, we’re definitely going to celebrate this milestone with a rewatch for old time’s sake.

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