Hold up, is Zendaya launching a clothing line?

During a Project Runway event at New York Fashion Week, the beloved Zendaya confirmed she’s launching a clothing line, and we are 100% here for it! The 19-year-old star posted a photo on Instagram of herself glamorously lounging behind the scenes of the NYFW Project Runway event with fashion royals Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, and Zac Posen. The photo shows Zendaya rocking a luxurious velvet suit paired with a sexy camisole with an Instagram caption that says:

“I’m in Daya by Zendaya from head to toe!”

Let’s take a closer look at this majestic piece of sartorial art.




Naturally, this has us wondering when will Zendaya release her glorious line of clothing?! 

Faithful followers of her style pursuits are already familiar with her Daya by Zendaya shoe line at Nordstrom’s, which features everything from knee-length stiletto boots to functional flats. So when exactly can we count on a full clothing line blessed with Zendaya’s ineffable style?!


We aren’t the only ones wondering! After her post on Instagram, eager fans and followers have been asking Zendaya when to expect her clothing line! 

While she’s confirmed she has a line in the works, we are still in suspense on when it’ll be completed.

The future looks bright though. In an interview last month with Refinery 29 when asked whether she planned to expand her fashion pursuits beyond her shoe line, Zendaya’s answer was, “100%!”


We are 100% here for this clothing line Zendaya, and can’t wait! 

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