Hold up—Shay Mitchell’s new haircut was actually totally faux

Style icon, PLL fave, and ridiculously stunning beauty Shay Mitchell is becoming a queen of the fakeout, and, in super sad news, it appears that her new lob was also totally faux. From going super blond to going super short, it would appear that the star just loves to switch up her new ‘do, but it seems that she’s also really into tricking us.


According to PeopleStyle, Chris Appleton, a stylist known for hair fakeouts (because he’s just *that* talented!) was also in on the playful ~trickery~.

“I give Shay a new look, but it’s all an illusion,” Appleton told PeopleStyle. “We wanted to try a new shape and length without the commitment.”

We have to admit that we don’t hate it. If nothing else, it proves that Shay is a free spirit who won’t be tied down, and it that means getting duped every once in a while, we’re cool with it. Anyway, it gives us more style inspo to pull from!

Like, that blond look was killer.

Such a beauty queen.

As was the faux lob.

We really do love this look! Fall #StyleGoals? We think yes.

But Shay has our heart no matter what she tries to pull over on us next!

The funny girl is so much more than her hair.

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