Hold up, Patty Jenkins once directed an episode of “Arrested Development”

It’s safe to say that it’s Patty Jenkins’ world and we’re just living in it. While the Wonder Woman director is breaking box office records and proving that female directors can make *the* biggest summer blockbuster, the internet has just discovered something about Jenkins that makes us love her even more.

Way back in 2004, just after directing her debut film — the Academy Award-winning Monster — Jenkins made her TV directorial debut on a little show called Arrested Development. Jenkins directed the Season 2 episode, “The One Where They Build a House,” aka the beloved Mayonegg episode.


That’s right, Patty Jenkins introduced us to the most forgettable girlfriend in the history of television, Ann Veal (her?). The discovery started with a tweet and quickly went viral, and as expected, Twitter was shook.




Without Jenkins’ stellar work behind the camera, who knows how this episode might have turned out. In an alternate, Patty Jenkins-less world, George Michael may have had a normal, unforgettable girlfriend, we may have never heard of the disgusting yet intriguing mayonegg, and we may have never seen Michael give *this* look — which is usually reserved for his parents and siblings — to his beloved son:


Jenkins even responded to the shocker on Twitter, calling Arrested Development her favorite show:

Unfortunately, Jenkins only directed the one episode of Arrested Development so we never got to see what other antics she had in store for the Bluths. Luckily for all of us, the fifth season of Arrested Development was just announced, so we’ll just beg her here to direct another episode. PLEASE, PATTY! If not, we can’t wait to see her (with her massive and well-deserved pay raise) direct the Wonder Woman sequel.