6 reasons to hold off on introducing your significant other to your friends

If you find yourself caught up in the rapture of a new romance (and hey, who among us, right?), it can be hard to avoid the temptation to go with the flow by casually showing up to your bestie’s house with your new boo in tow, even though you know that’s probably not the best way to introduce someone new to your friends. We know how this goes, though: Falling for someone new tends to mess with your ability to make rational decisions, like not giving enough thought to when to introduce your significant other to your friends.

Honestly, there’s no rule book on when to these two very significant members of your social circle should meet, but how you execute it could make the difference between a smooth introduction or an extremely rocky start between your S.O. and your closest pals.

When it comes to new relationships getting off the ground, there may be things you’ve overlooked that needs to be addressed before the formal introductions, or you run the risk of things getting pretty awkward.

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In an effort to reduce the likelihood of any cringe-worthy BFF/S.O. encounters, here’s why you might want to hold off on introducing your significant other to your friends.

1You haven’t been together very long.

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Remember that time you introduced someone to your BFFs very early on in the relationship, and then you broke up shortly afterwards? Well, that might’ve happened because you’d hardly had time to yourselves before you introduced your new boo to the crew. Subjecting a brand-new relationship to the scrutiny and analysis of your friend group can be a big harsh for something so new and inherently fragile for its newness.

You can’t go back and change the past, but you can avoid making the same mistake twice. So, if things have moved way quicker than you anticipated, and suddenly, you find yourself seriously dating someone new again, spare yourself the awkwardness by giving it some time before you let them meet your friends.

2You haven’t consulted with your partner.

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Just because you’re eager to throw your partner into the friends mix doesn’t mean they’re ready. Check with your S.O. to see if you’re both on the same page before making introductions.

3Your friends don’t know you’re dating.

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Your besties don’t always have to be privy to every single move you make, but it would be nice if you let them know you’re with someone before you, your starry eyes, and your mystery guest show up at the next dinner party.

4Your S.O. doesn’t know much about your friends.

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Even if you’re pretty confident you’re dating a keeper, nothing can stress your new relationship like the manner in which this person and your friends interact. It’s certainly not necessary to spill all of your besties’ deep, dark secrets to your S.O., but a brief rundown of who’s who can at least give them some talking points. Letting them know a few minor details about your friends also allows your partner to give your pals the impression that there is a real interest in getting to know them.

5Your friends can be kind of critical of new people.

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Making time for you and your new significant other to build and strengthen your bond makes it easier to deal with disapproving comments from friends who may actually mean well, but lack the discretion to keep their unflattering opinions to themselves. The last thing you want when introducing your new partner to your inner circle is a bunch of tension between people you care about the most.

6 You’re only introducing your S.O. to get your friends’ approval.

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Um, yikes. While it’s certainly understandable that you want your friends and your partner to instantly hit it off, introducing someone you’re romantically involved with for the sole purpose of finding out if they live up to your squads’ standards implies that they may not be the best match for you.

In the end, trust your gut and move forward with confidence. But just know that if the timing doesn’t feel right,  keeping some temporary distance between your friends and your partner is totally fine, too.