No need to board the Hogwarts Express — here’s how you can visit the wizarding school right here, right now

With the end of summer comes back to school. But, that’s no bummer when you go to Hogwarts (unless you’re Draco Malfoy and have a bad disposition).

Right now, you’re probably like, “But I’m a Muggle! I don’t go to Hogwarts! How dare you taunt me like that.” Everyone, please, settle down, because now there’s a way for even Muggles to check out the famed School of Witchcraft and Wizardry via a free, immersive digital experience on Pottermore.

We are all Hermione right now, geeking out over Potions, Charms, and Defense Against the Dark Arts, oh my!

Here’s how it works:

"Users visiting Pottermore will have the opportunity to explore the famous wizarding school and its grounds, including the Quidditch pitch where Harry mastered the Golden Snitch and the Forbidden Forest, complete with Hagrid’s hut," according to a press release.

So please have your Nimbus 2000 at the ready to fly through these three main areas.

According to the press release, “the castle and its grounds are peppered with ‘hot spots’ – clickable points that expand to provide details about the magic and mystery of the famous wizarding school that Harry Potter attended.”

Because (wizarding) knowledge is power.

More of a visual person? Take a look!

Is it just us, or does this look a whole lot like the beautifully dark, animated sequence in Deathly Hallows – Part 1?

The feature is available starting today, to coincide with Hogwarts’s first official day of school (it really is like we go there!) and can be used across most devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers.

We’ve never been so happy to head back to school, and we can’t wait to keep on exploring Hogwarts and all its magic.

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