Soooo, the Hogwarts Express rolled into Ireland this week, apparently

You guys, the Hogwarts Express came to Ireland and we missed it. While I’m so totally bummed I wasn’t able to hop on board, my heart is warmed by the adorable gesture that was caught by many befuddled travelers at Heuston station and posted on Twitter for us all to enjoy.

Here’s what went down. First, travelers saw this:

Was it a mistake? No. Because the train also appeared on the big departures board in the station.

And it didn’t just appear once. There were two Hogwarts Expresses slated to arrive that evening:

What was happening? We’re well past September, so all Hogwarts students should definitely be in school by now. Plus, this isn’t America, so they wouldn’t be going home for Thanksgiving.

Turns out, it was a part of an event masterminded by Trinity Ents, which gave locals a chance to live the Hogwarts experience. Here’s what it says on the Facebook event:

That. Sounds. Amazing. So, it comes as no surprise that the event was completely sold out, but we’ll be on guard in case the Hogwarts Express ever decides to come to America. *fingers and wands crossed*

(Image via Warner Bros)

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