Hodor has the best explanation for what really happened during THAT scene on “Game of Thrones”

Spoilers! Spoilers! If you haven’t watched this week’s episode of Game of Thrones, “The Door,” stop whatever you’re doing and go watch it right now. Or keep doing what you’re doing, and come back to this later, because from here on out there are spoilers for the latest episode.

48 hours later, you might still be shedding tears over our dear Hodor. The last moments of “The Door” showed Hodor holding the back door of the weirwood tree shut, as Meera yelled over and over again, “HOLD THE DOOR.” Then, a whole bunch of warg’ing, time-travel stuff happened, in both the past and present, as “HOLD THE DOOR” became simply, Hodor.

Yes, it’s ridiculously confusing. Bran, in the past, wargs into Hodor and causes him to seizure. Bran turned Hodor into Hodor, and it’s hard to figure out if present-day Hodor feels the effects of this happening in the past. If simply trying to think about that makes you feel like your mind is going to burst, you’re not alone. Good thing we’ve got the gentleman behind Hodor, Kristian Nairn, to concisely explain it all to us.

In what is honestly the best explanation of what happened, Nairn talks about THIS moment in a new interview with Vulture. Quite simply, “Think of it like a telephone call. The lines start to get crossed.”


That analogy might be a little out-dated for some, but it makes perfect sense. Sometimes you pick up the landline phone to call your parents, and you accidentally hear someone ELSE making a call on another phone ~somewhere~ else. That’s what happened to Hodor. Bran was making a phone call to present day Hodor, but accidentally connected with past Hodor instead.

“Bran has almost this physical force, like electricity, which he can use to engage with the brains of animals, and obviously Hodor as well,Nairn continues. “And he just didn’t know how to make that call from within the past, and he didn’t really know what he was doing. And somehow, the call got connected to the wrong Hodor.”


Nairn also doesn’t believe that it was Bran who killed Hodor.

“Meera was the one who said, ‘Hold the door,’ not Bran. And Hodor was terrified. He wanted to run down that corridor. That wasn’t the fearsome warged Hodor of breaking Locke’s neck fame. That was just normal Hodor. I think when he warged Hodor, it was just to get him up on his feet, more like slapping the side of a horse.”

Nairn is quick to add, “That’s my interpretation of it, and I think that’s fairly close to the truth.” TBH, it sounds a lot like the truth, and for us, it all makes complete sense.

Okay, now back to crying over Hodor.

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