Hobby Lobby was forced to hand over some ancient artifacts that were illegally smuggled out of Iraq

At the top of today’s WTF list we bring you this story, involving some ancient artifacts stolen from Iraq — and Hobby Lobby. Yup, the same Hobby Lobby that fought, tooth and nail, to deny its employees birth control coverage after the Obama administration enacted the Affordable Care Act. What’s next? Sales of illegal shark fin soup in the staff break roof?

But let’s back up for a second and provide some context. Hobby Lobby, for the uninitiated, is an arts-and-crafts retailer owned by an evangelical Christian family that’s long shown a commitment to promoting its religious interests.

It has created biblical videos, operated a chain of Christian bookstores, and yes, battled the federal government all the way to the Supreme Court to argue that providing birth control coverage to its employees violates its right to religious freedom (Hobby Lobby won, BTW).