See this Hobbit house? You could live there

What is a Hobbit house? It’s only the birthplace of all great adventures in Middle Earth, for both Bilbo and Frodo along with their friends/fellowship.

And now, you too, can find yourself comfy and cozy in a Hobbit house, thanks to a brand new Poddit Hole House. Not sure if first and second breakfast are provided, but probably.

West Stow Pods, a glamping company (glamorous + camping) are determined to make an IRL Hobbit house. They’ve just launched a Kickstarter for their hobbit home-away-from-home project, which promises to give visitors a “fantasy holiday like no other!” It’ll be located in Suffolk, England, and nestled right near the West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village, really giving you a feel for a different time and place. 

Their aim is to make the Poddit Hole House as “authentic” as possible, modeled after the versions we’ve read about in J.R.R. Tolkien’s books and seen in Peter Jackson’s movies. Alan Baxter, who’s a member of the Tolkien Society, is overseeing the project, to make sure that everything is as true to form as possible. Though staying in the Poddit Hole won’t guarantee a visit from Gandalf, they do promise that it’ll be a “simple place… where middle-earth adventures are likely to start.”

The Poddit Hole House will also be built using mostly all-natural supplies, and in the end will use very little energy. So you can stay in the house, and feel good about staying there, too. And yes, there will be a giant, yellow round door at the front, along with, “a wandering green roof carpeted in pioneer forest meadow [that] will cap it all off and provide habitat and insulation.” Or, in simpler terms, it’ll really look like its built into one of the hills in the Shire.

Perks for donating to the Kickstarter include t-shirts, weekend getaways in the newly built Poddit Hole, and weekend getaways including tours of the nearby Anglo-Saxon village. However, it is bring-your-own One Ring.

(Images via West Stow Pods/Kickstarter, New Line Cinema.)


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