These pics from an abandoned water park in Vietnam are somehow gorgeous and creepy at the same time

From Disney’s River Country to Japan’s decaying Nara Dreamland, there’s nothing we love more than sometimes gorgeous, sometimes creepy photos of abandoned theme parks.

… So if we’re ever in Vietnam we’ll be sure to make an expedition to Ho Thuy Tien, an abandoned water park outside the town of Hue that is reportedly even more popular now, years after its demise, than it was during the few years it was open in the early aughts. It cannot be found in any guidebooks, and crocodiles were once known to inherit its waters (they have since been removed by the Vietnamese government), but visitors have still been flocking to the site using dropped pins to collect snaps of their own for social media … and, you know, to witness something really freaking cool in person.

No photos that we’ve seen have topped Australian photographer Nathan Eights’, though. He hit up Ho Thuy Tien a few weeks back and documented the gorgeously creepy evidence on Imgur, sharing snaps of the park’s famous dragon, its three slides, its amphitheater, and so much more.

He began with the ominous dragon that lords over the park’s entrance.

Dragon entrance building

He captured cloudy skies over an abandoned kiddie zone.

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He snapped a scenic shot from a locale that’d make Daenerys Targaryen proud.

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He witnessed the jungle overtaking the slides.

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And came face to face with the ghosts of summer sun.

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He admired the work of graffiti artists.

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And witnessed locals taking advantage of the park’s current offerings.

Fishing in the lake

You can sit wherever you like — there are no splash zones, here.

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This doesn’t look like it fits, but okay.

an old inclusion in a water park

… Anyone else just book a plane ticket?

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Eights has way more photos in his Imgur gallery you should definitely check out … in the meantime, see you all in Vietnam!