H&M is breaking down gender-barrier walls with a unisex denim collection

As a trailblazer amongst socially conscious retailers, H&M’s always one step ahead of the game when it comes to aligning their latest offerings with their ideals. Recall the launch H&M’s Conscious Collection line, or perhaps their diversity-rich commercials? So, we probably should’ve seen this one coming at some point down the line, but it certainly doesn’t mean we’re any less excited about H&M’s all-new unisex Denim United collection!

In a time when conversations about gender norms and barriers are more relevant than ever, H&M pretty much read our (and everyone else’s) minds when creating this new offering. This blurred-lines collection of his and hers denim in a loose silhouette and trendy cuts that are bound to become instant wardrobe classics.


And the reasoning behind the need for this collection — aside from the obvious — makes ~so~ much sense.

Basically, womenswear is always borrowing from menswear — you know you love your actual boyfriend’s jeans way more than your boyfriend-cut jeans and vice versa. So to be efficient, why not skip a step and make a collection to accommodate both genders? It’s more sustainable, it’s certainly just as trendy, and it’s pretty much genius!


“It is very natural for us to launch a unisex collection as fashion is constantly evolving and intersecting and today we see there are no boundaries in democratic style,” Marybeth Schmitt, an H&M spokesperson, said in the official press release.


She continued:

"Fashion should always be inclusive."

Yasss, sister!

Now, as for the collection itself, Denim United is everything you’d expect from H&M and more. With pieces ranging from a $20 to $50, the set includes everything from classic jeans to cut-off shorts, and super oversized shirts that can easily double as a dress.


And to prove the point that these clothes are truly androgynous, you’ll note the girl and guy model in the campaign picks are repping exactly the same attire. Heck, they’ve even got the same poses!

If this collection is anything like H&M’s Balmain collaboration (and we have an inkling it might), then you’d best mark your calendars now to prepare for Denim United’s crazy sold-out-in-seconds scene come March 23rd!

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