Hm, science says that we’re attracted to people based on what they eat

Think you know the rules of attraction? When it comes to dating and chemistry, we might have been looking at relationships the wrong way. Instead of lingering on his sparkling eyes or killer sense of humor, it turns out you should be spending a lot more time thinking about the menu. That’s right, according to science we’re attracted to people based on what they eat — now that’s some food for thought.

According to a new report in Scientific American, the foods your date chows down on can dramatically impact your attraction to them. It’s all a question of scent: by ingesting certain foods, your partner can make themselves far more irresistible to you on a biological level. While some scents repel us (and with good reason), others make us more attracted to people. Eating particular foods is way more effective than a basic cologne.

What scents have the best impact on his chances of scoring a second date? Garlic ranks as one of the most popular (dispelling that long-held belief that you shouldn’t order anything with it on a first date). Another good choice when it comes to odors is carotenoid-rich foods. This includes pumpkins, carrots, and apricots, all of which are described as giving men a pleasing and terribly appealing scent. Suddenly the vegetarian option is looking a lot more appetizing.

Why do particular smells get us all hot and bothered? Scientists believe that there may be an underlying logic: in nature, we look for a mate that’s healthy and strong. And anyone filling up on these fruits and veggies has a better of chance of a hardy disposition. Turns out healthy eating is good for more than your body — it can amp up your love life too.