H&M is launching a new brand–but there’s a huge catch

Everyone’s go-to store for inexpensive and on-trend looks is branching out. According to Business of Fashion, H&M is launching a new brand called Arket. It sounds like the perfect place to drag your S.O. whose style needs an upgrade, because Arket will cater to both men and women, and will offer slightly higher-priced, higher-quality products than our beloved H&M. Luckily, you get what you pay for because it will be super-chic, too (sorry, athleisure lovers).

The brand’s creative director, Ulrika Bernhardtz, told BoF,

"The brand DNA is timeless, crisp, quality, and warmth. Timeless is style beyond trend. And crisp is the counterpart to that: to be always relevant, modern, and fresh. Quality is not only the feel of garments; it's also how they are produced. Warmth is about being genuine and personal."

We know what you’re all thinking: So when can I go spend my entire paycheck at Arket?

Well, here’s the record scratch moment… the stores will only be in Europe, for now!

It might be worth taking the trip, though, because these stores sound really cool — many of them are going to have cafes in the stores, which is basically every shopper’s dream!

“We are adding on a café that will make the modern-day market a destination where you can both shop and enjoy healthy food,” Bernhardtz told Business of Fashion. And since both H&M and Arket are Swedish-owned brands, the food at these cafes will be what Bernhardtz calls “new Nordic.”

This is starting to sound like an Ikea/H&M mashup store (yes, Arket will sell home decor as well!), and we are totally here for it… Or, we will be — as soon as we can get a ticket to Europe.

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