H&M beauty products are finally here

H&M is turning into a one-stop shop! And we’re all about it. The international affordable chain already sells clothing, accessories, and home goods. But now they are looking to add cosmetics and skincare to their stock, with a new line of beauty products already available in many stores and on sale online later this month.

The collection is wide-ranging and affordable. Much like their clothing, products range from basics like BB cream and nail polish to more niche products like lip stains and salt water cream. They also have two different series of body washes, scrubs, and fragrances — the Body Basic Series and the Body Premium Series, both with their own distinct scents like Rose Reverie and Revelation.

Along with the 200 shades of nail polish(!) and 83 different eye shadows(!!), tools like false lashes and nail files will also be on sale. The packaging on all the products is minimalist and clean, to make your bathroom vanity even more gorg.

Prices range from $2.99 to $24.99 (love), offering the same affordable revamp to your beauty routine as they do to the your home decor and closet. It’s all pretty new, so no word yet on what shoppers love. But we’re pumped to check it out nonetheless!

SparkNotes: Next time you’re running low on eyeliner, head over to H&M!

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