You can now totally get hitched online. Thanks, IKEA!

Planning a wedding is serious business. You have to book a venue several months (sometimes YEARS) in advance, pick out color schemes and flowers and DJs and dresses and food vendors and cool, moody lanterns —basically, the to-do list can seem infinite and a lot can go awry. Or at the very least, give you a major bridal headache.

Well, some geniuses over at IKEA have the solution to all our wedding planning problems, and are here to help in a really strangely wonderful, futuristic way. The build-it-yourself-furniture store/Swedish meatball hub is offering virtual weddings that let you choose from four different locations. So, think Google Hangout, but more ceremonial.

All you have to do is pick a place that suits you and your significant other, make an account with IKEA on Facebook, and voila! Instant wedding. However, there IS a disclaimer on the site: if you want your marriage to be considered legal, you need an “officiator, and two witnesses need to be in the same room during the actual ceremony.” Fair enough, right?

While this option isn’t exactly traditional, it’s definitely less of a hassle for everyone all around. No need to try on matching bridesmaid dresses or pay for expensive airfare and limos. All you would need is a computer, camera, speakers, and your loved ones to show up. And if your guests want some wedding cake and champagne? Well, you can probably just have that delivered.

Here are a couple of the locations via IKEA in which you can have your dream wedding:

This dimly-lit rooftop wedding on top of a sky scraper where Bon Iver will probably be playing in the background:

Or this tranquil, farmerly wedding in the middle of a field. Perhaps the aggressively orange star is optional:

The IKEA wedding planner motto is: “Love should be easy. Get married online.” And hey —even if this totally isn’t your cup of tea, it’s nice to know the option exists.

All images via IKEA