#HispanicsBreakTheInternet is the hashtag that’s connecting the Latinx community

We love a good hashtag, and we especially love a good Latinx hashtag. Expressing our cultural pride while supporting other Latinx folks is one of the small things that gets us through the day. Our latest #obsession is the hashtag #HispanicsBreakTheInternet. While the hashtag has made appearances in the past, it’s resurfaced recently on Twitter, and so have plenty of selfies and love letters from users on what it means to be Hispanic today.

While we love this sentiment, it’s also important to remember what the term “Hispanic” actually means. Thankfully, Twitter user Liza Sabater explains that.

Liza explains that the term Hispanic, which is used to separate non-Spanish speakers from Spanish speakers, was actually created for the census.

Thankfully, Twitter still knows how to throw a party, and there were plenty of Hispanic folks chiming in with selfies and support for their fellow ~Hispanics.~

By searching the hashtag, you see how deeply pride and community run in Latinx culture.

Many users shared how they’ve been waiting for something like this hashtag, for the opportunity to share a selfie or to open up about what makes them proud to be Hispanic. false

Of course, there was plenty of Spanglish in these tweets, because that’s just how it’s done.


Besides Latinx pride, there was also familial pride, and love letters to the amazing parents who have helped many of us get to where we are today.


We are here for this public display of Latinx, and Hispanic, love. Any hashtag that gets us in our feels, and connected to our community, is fine by us. And when it reminds us to be grateful of where we come from? Well, what more can we ask for?

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