There’s a hipster nativity set complete with segways, man buns and lattes because 2016 refuses to chill

Just in time for the holidays, allow us to present the hipster nativity set, complete with segways and man buns but noticeably lacking in gluten. According to Mashable, Modern Nativity’s erm, progressive take on the biblical scene that depicts the night Jesus was born is going for $130 and we have to say this definitely qualifies as a hipster makeover we didn’t see coming.

The hilarious set is like a visual crash course in how to dress like a hipster. There’s literally so much going on, but let’s just start with Joseph and Mary talking a selfie with baby Jesus in a solar-powered manger. While a man bun-wearing Joseph holds the smartphone, Mary (who’s clad in an off-shoulder-top with a visible bra strap) is doing her best duckface and holding up the peace sign and a latte. Meanwhile, the three wise men (who have exceptional fashion sense) are on segways bearing Amazon Prime Gifts.

The set also features a shepherd who’s too engulfed in his iPhone to pay attention to his Christmas sweater-wearing sheep companion and the 100 percent organic cow, who’s munching on gluten-free feed.

Here’s a closeup view of the figurines:

"This product started (as all good products do) at a happy hour with our friends," Modern Nativity founder Casey Wright told Mashable. "After a few beers, we started joking about how religions would be different if their sacred texts were set in modern times."

Wright admits that the product is “polarizing,” (a million grandmas are probably seething at this very moment) but that hasn’t stopped the site from selling 500 hipster nativity sets a day.

We have to congratulate Modern Nativity on their creativity, but this set is definitely another sign that 2016 absolutely refuses to chill.