The 6 most popular types of photos on dating apps are really surprising

If you’re ever tried finding love online, you know how tough it can be to figure out how to stand out. You want to be yourself, but you also want to make people want to meet you. One dating app, Hinge, has been working to figure out what makes people want to talk to one another, and their findings are so interesting.

Hinge just released a study of member photos to see what types of profile photos get the most likes. We’ve broken down some of the most popular photos based on their data.

1Showing off your sporty side.

Hinge just proved what we already knew — sporty women are awesome. The study found that photos of women participating in sports were 166% more likely to get likes. So whether you love taking fitness classes, playing sports, or hiking, getting in front of the camera to show off your sporty side is apparently very cool.

2Photos from a fun night out.

Clearly, pictures speak louder than words when you want to show you know how to have fun. And of course, that’s usually pretty high up on the list of important traits. Hinge says those who post photos of themselves on a fun night out get 74% more likes.

3Pearly whites.

Maybe it seems more authentic. Maybe it conveys the most happiness. Whatever it is, Hinge found that women’s photos got liked 76% more of the time if they smiled with teeth than if they smiled without teeth.

4Looking away from the camera.

Apparently, gazing off into the distance is very attractive. Because according to the study, you’ll get likes 74% more often if you’re not looking at the camera. Maybe not quite looking at the camera adds a layer of mystery. Or it just looks more artistic. Whatever it is, it’s got people online intrigued.

5Solo shots.

If you’re alone in the photo, you’re 69% more likely to receive a like. That actually makes total sense to us, because you’re supposed to be looking for someone. If all your photos show you surrounded by people, that may seem too intimidating. Plus, nobody wants to play the game of, “okay, which person is it?”

6Black and white.

A black and white photo is 106% more likely to receive a like. This may be because there are so few of them. Only 3% of photos are in black and white, so that different filter might make your pic stand out. Plus, black and white automatically looks classier, so showing off your artsy side might get you a little more attention to your profile.

Obviously, the photo is just the start, but these tips are a great way to get your profile more views.

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