You Know You Want These Legendary ‘HIMYM’ Props

It’s the show that keeps giving. How I Met Your Mother may have ended last spring, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped obsessing over it. First there was the recent release of the alternate ending that swelled our hearts with gladness. Now comes this bonkers contest that’s like a clearinghouse for deeply committed HIMYM fans.

In a promotion for the complete series box set, Twentieth Century Fox launched a “Prop-erty Vault” online contest, where fans have the chance to win props that appeared on the show. Before you get too excited about the Blue French Horn, Josh Radnor has it (classic Schmosby!), but don’t worry, there are still loads of randomly cool stuff up for grabs. Each week, a handful of props will be given away, and it’s all leading up to a grand prize that’s actually really huge. More on that in a minute, but first, some details.

To enter the contest, it’s actually a little involved: you have to fill out this sweepstakes form, create a Tumblr account, and visit the contest site every Monday morning between 8AM and 11AM EST for further instructions. Ok, it’s going to take some planning (the contest ends October 31), but you know what? Challenge accepted.

There are a ton of props you can win—26 to be exact. For starters:

There’s Robin Sparkles’ pink boom box. . .

. . .and some Great Lakes plates direct from St. Cloud, Minnesota and hand-painted by Judy Eriksen — which, of course, come with certificates of authenticity.

More props being teased in the coming weeks include: Robin’s Vancouver jersey, Ted’s hot dog costume, Robin’s Doc Martin boots (yes, please) and the parking meter Barney’s father ripped from the street. Here’s the complete list of stuff you can win, with descriptions of the episodes where they were featured.

Perhaps most excitingly, the grand prize is slated to be the much-loved MacLaren’s bar. Yes, they’re giving the bar away (just the bar and stools, obviously. Carl is not included).

HIMYM creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas said the props are a thank you to fans for almost a decade (nine seasons!!) of support. But if you do win the grand prize and create a mini-MacLaren’s in your home, please don’t call it Puzzles.

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