Aaaaaah, this ‘The Hills’ star is going to be a mom, congratulations!!!

Can you believe it’s been over five years since The Hills ended? Like, seriously, where has the time gone? And now, we’re getting a total blast from the past after 30-year-old Audrina Partridge has made an amazing announcement: She’s expecting!

On her blog, Audrina recently opened up about her pregnancy with her very first child with a post that had us grinning from ear-to-ear:

Cuteness and happiness abounds! Audrina and her fiance, Corey Bohan, are over the moon, she explained.

“It started with me not feeling too well. . . So, I took the test and TA-DA! I couldn’t even believe my eyes,” she wrote. “I called Corey upstairs to make sure I wasn’t just seeing things and, well, let’s just say that he had a permanent smile glued to his face for the rest of the night!”

It was difficult for her to hide her big news at an upcoming dinner party they were attending. “. . . I told everyone I was on a detox cleanse to cover my lack of alcohol consumption,” she wrote. “With the combination of my poor lying skills and Corey’s perma-smile, we were given ‘the look’ over and over again by our friends and family, so it’s safe to say the secret was not a secret much longer!”

They’re not sure what the sex of the baby will be yet, but Audrina says that “girl or boy, we will be ecstatic either way.”

Congratulations, Audrina! We could not be happier for you, Corey, and your baby-to-be. BRB, gonna go watch reruns of The Hills all day.

(Image via Instagram, MTV.)

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