Hilary Duff got super-real about what it was like to play Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie McGuire was more than just a television character, she was like a best friend. A best friend who was going through the same ridiculous middle school scenarios that you found yourself in every day, and her style was on point (butterfly clips, come back to us). And now that Hilary Duff is an adult, just like us, she’s looking back on her years as Lizzie, and how it was both awesome, and not-awesome, at the same time.

In an interview with PrideSource, Duff explains that sometimes playing Lizzie was “torturous” and that since she herself was the same character, it didn’t feel like she was playing a character. “The writers all knew me so well and were writing things that were happening in my life and things that I would say, and I was dressing exactly like I wanted. It was so me,” she says.

Just for clarification, the actual filming of Lizzie McGuire was not torturous. Duff loved it. But trying to distance herself from the character, even after the show had wrapped? For her, “that was super annoying.” But now, she is incredibly “grateful” to all the fans who have stuck by her since the very beginning, and have follower her through her music career, and to her new show on TVLand’s Younger (which you should watch).

She also sheds light on what Lizzie might be like as a grown up. “She would have stayed in school a little bit longer, and I feel like she’d be a sous chef or working at an architectural firm trying to make her way up but still [screwing] up at all times…She was just, like, a nice girl. I feel like she’d still be that same way.”

Play Lizzie wasn’t all Duff touched on in the interview. Tinder came up, since she was gloriously on the dating site earlier this year, and even featured it in her music video for “Sparks.” But now, she’s no longer swiping right or left on the app.

“It was really fun for me for a minute; I wanted to experience something totally normal and also shock people… [I wanted to show] a side of me that’s really real, really normal. I strive for normalcy in my life every day.”

Duff strives for normalcy in her life every day; we strive for more Duff in our lives every day.

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