Hillary Clinton wrote this incredible essay, and it’s 100% #GirlPower

Today, Refinery29 published an essay written by none other than Hillary Clinton, who is, of course, the Democratic Presidential Candidate. No matter where your politics fall, the essay is a beautiful and validating reminder of the power of girls and women, and the role we play in shaping the world we live in.

In the essay, Clinton talks about the women she’s met throughout her campaign, and how their stories have influenced hers. It’s phenomenal, and it’s empowering, and we’re so happy she’s decided to share it with us.

The essay by Hillary Clinton is seriously required reading.

“I want you to know that I see you,” Clinton writes. “I see you making the drive to a clinic 200 miles away. I see you dropping your daughter off at daycare so you can make it to class on time. I see you making the case to your boss for a long-overdue raise, even though you may worry about speaking up for what you deserve.”

“I see the difference you’re making in the world, in your own lives, and in the lives of the people you love,” she continues.

“And if I have the opportunity,” Clinton says, “I’ll do whatever I can to make things a little easier for you.”

“Just because you can and do wage these fights doesn’t mean you should have to.”

Chills, chills, chills. Thank you, Hillary Clinton.


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