Hillary Clinton won the debate last night with this single sentence

Whether or not you watched the first Presidential Debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump last night, we’re willing to bet you’ve already heard the highlights. While our two Presidential nominees had plenty to say about policy, they also had plenty of zingers and jabs that fit perfectly into our Twitter feeds.

Republican nominee Trump criticized former Secretary of State Clinton for appearing “prepared” for the debate and “staying home” while he was, in his own words, “all over the place.” Hillary made people collectively rejoice when she offered him a pretty epic comeback — one that requires no apologies or clarification. You can watch the clip for yourself below, courtesy of USA Today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyxbNMmPcDU

In her response to Trump, Hillary says,“You criticize me for preparing for this debate. And, yes, I did. Do you know what else I prepared for? I also prepared to be President. 

Mic. Drop. This perfect response was met by audience applause and a collective celebration in social media. Just check out some people’s responses praising Clinton below:



Clearly, Clinton won the debate with just this sentence alone. Because when it comes to our Commander in Chief, there is no such thing as being “over-prepared” for the job. In general, it is easy for society to criticize women for seeming “over-prepared” or being “at home” too much and avoiding “real life” experience, which is what many think Trump may have been alluding to.

As Clinton herself points out, however: There is nothing wrong with “staying home” if it means you’re better prepared to do your job the next day. Especially when that job is to be President.