PSA: Hillary Clinton just won Vermont, go Vermont!

Big shoutout to Vermont, home of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, current sitting Senator Bernie Sanders, and now the first state Hillary Clinton won in the 2016 Presidential election.

As Election Day slowly starts to draw to a close, voting locations around the country are starting to tally up their final counts and declare who won what states. Republican Nominee Donald Trump just landed two states himself — Indiana and Kentucky, bringing him 19 votes in the Electoral College — Clinton managed to snag Vermont. GO VERMONT!

And, yes, Vermont only has 3 votes in the Electoral College, slow and steady wins the race, right? It’s not a sprint, this is a marathon. We can assume that right now, mostly everyone in the state is currently celebrating with a big tub of Chunky Monkey, and we’re thinking about doing the same right now, too.

It’s still too early to call for many other states that have just ended voting — Georgia and South Carolina, we’re looking at you — but as the night progresses, voting will conclude for more and more states and we’ll be one step closer to a new President.

While we’ve still got a long ways to go, it sure feels good to have one state under Clinton’s belt towards the race for the White House.