Hillary Clinton wrote goodbye post for one of our favorite blogs and it’s pretty great

If you want to end with a bang, then just ask Hillary Clinton to lend a hand. Today, the blog The Toasta longtime publisher of witty and wise female voices, shutters for good, and it turns out the presidential hopeful was a longtime reader. In honor of all that the site has done for women, Hillary decided to leave them with some parting words of wisdom in the form of a blog post on the site. And — surprise! — it’s totally inspiring.

“I know that today is the final day of The Toast, and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on what this space — and spaces like it — mean for women,” her post began.

Hillary knows a thing or two about male-dominated spaces. She recalled joining the Senate in 2001 as one of 13 women, and how the group supported each other “Over a glass of wine — okay, maybe three,” because Hillary is also your sassy mom.

“I’ve always had great admiration for women…who take it upon themselves to create spaces where women can speak their minds freely,” she continued.

Hillary concluded the post with a paragraph that gives us chills every time we read it, filled with words all women need to hear:

It’s sad that we’re losing such an amazing space for female voices, but Hillary’s post will always serve as a reminder of everything The Toast has accomplished!

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