A bunch of supporters gave Hillary Clinton the sweetest Thanksgiving surprise ever

Well, the election has been over for over two weeks now but it’s still very much on the mind of every American — particularly those of the #imwithher affiliation.

On Thanksgiving day, a group of anonymous supporters gave Hillary Clinton the sweetest surprise and she was so incredibly gracious about it.

 The former Secretary of State and political phenom, tweeted out a picture of all the signs of love from a barrage of fans near the Clinton family home in Chappaqua, New York. Most of the signs served as a reminder that many of us are still very much “with her,” writing notes of thanks for her continued public services through all these years.

Besides, what better time to tell someone “thank you” than Thanksgiving?

While she’s only been seen out and about a handful of times (including at a bookstore and while walking her dog), she’s remained fairly hidden in this post-election reality. So, it only seems fitting some are there to remind her how much her voice, and stances on the future of the country, still matter.

Recent calculations show Clinton’s popular vote leading by over two million votes which surpasses the previous record of a candidate losing in the Electoral College.

Supporters of the Clinton campaign won’t let that stop them from offering words of encouragement or hope at a time when it really feels needed. Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, raised over 4 million dollars within the course of one day to pay for a recount in three critical swing states, though experts say the results will likely stay the same.

Still, it’s nice to be reminded of the goodwill in others. This further proves Clinton’s positive influence through a difficult campaign cycle didn’t go unnoticed and might be needed now, more than ever.

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